Samsung Going Back to Curved Glass for Galaxy Watch 6

In 2022, we saw Google introduce the Pixel Watch with its curved glass design. I tend to liken it more to a waterfall, but what we call it doesn’t really matter. Apple is doing something similar on its Apple Watches. Point being, it is being reported that Samsung will be doing to same thing in […]

Google Pixel Watch Getting a Fresh Update With March Security

The timing here is a bit weird, but there may be a Pixel Watch update arriving at any minute. The news comes from Verizon who says that new software could show up as early as today with the March security patch. On Verizon’s software page for the Pixel Watch, they provided details for an update […]

Podcasts Coming to YouTube Music

This week at the Hot Pod Summit, the podcasting head of YouTube, Kai Chuk, announced podcasts are officially coming to YouTube Music in the near future. While not yet available and no official date provided, Chuk did give a few insights into what we can expect from podcasts on YouTube Music. In the conversation, it’s […]

Google Photos Magic Eraser Expands to All Pixels, iPhones Too

When the Pixel 6 launched in 2021, Google introduced a headline Photos feature alongside it called Magic Eraser. The tool was pretty wild to use in some scenarios, as it allowed you to magically erase objects in photos that you would rather not be there. With the launch of the Pixel 7 (and 6a), Magic […]

Google TV Gets New UI Elements for Content Exploration

Google TV users will begin to see new UI elements starting this week, designed to make the discovery of new shows and movies a bit easier. After all, that is sort of the whole point of Google TV as a vehicle for this content, so making the discovery and exploration of it more easy makes […]

Here Are The Best Game Consoles For Any Gamer

When we talk about game consoles, we tend to lump them all together. But the thing is, there aren’t many players in this niche, and, more importantly, there aren’t many product categories. So when we talk about this niche, let’s remember that it’s all about finding the best product that meets all your needs. For […]

Twitter is the World’s Largest Non-profit Company, Elon Musk Claims

Elon Musk, the current CEO of the social media platform Twitter, is well-known when it comes to making controversial statements. As usual, he has come out with another controversial statement by calling Twitter the largest non-profit company in the world. Musk posted this on Twitter which grabbed a lot of attention from his followers as […]

Xiaomi Civi 3 is already in development, but specs may disappoint

The Xiaomi Civi series is a remarkable success in the Chinese market. Xiaomi came up with this lineup to fill a demand for stylish devices with capable cameras. The Xiaomi Civi phones have a big focus on the camera, it includes the selfie camera. For 2023, the brand is preparing a new phone dubbed Xiaomi […]

OnePlus Ace 2 with Dimensity 9000 is coming soon, because yes

One of the most intriguing happenings since the Oppo and OnePlus merger was seeing the former Oppo Reno Ace series becoming the OnePlus Ace series. Okay, maybe they’re not so related, but we can see a certain level of inspiration. The OnePlus Ace series is a cost-effective flagship lineup that started last year. This year, […]