Fitbit Gives Health Metrics to Users for Free

Owners of a Pixel Watch or Fitbit device are getting a pretty solid free bonus today that they previously would have needed to pay for. Google and Fitbit announced that the Health Metrics tab within the Fitbit app that shows you important health-related info over time is now included for all users at no cost. […]

Report: June Launch for Pixel Fold, Pixel 7a

It was only yesterday we got an actual eyes-on with the Pixel 7a. Today, we’re learning we can expect both the Pixel 7a and the Pixel Fold to launch this upcoming June, just one month after what we assume will be an announcement at this year’s Google I/O. This information comes courtesy of WinFuture, with […]

First Potential Look at Google’s Pixel 8 Pro

In February of last year, we got our first look at the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, courtesy of @onleaks. This week, it’s that time again. We’re getting our first look at the Pixel 8 Pro, again, courtesy of @onleaks. In the renders, we can see that there are quite a few changes. The […]

YouTube TV Gets Multiview at the Best Possible Time

March Madness kicks off this week and in a matter of days many of us will attempt to watch as many games as possible on as many screens as possible. It’s a dance that I enjoy, but it would be nice if the TV streaming service I keep paying more for would offer a way […]

Report: Rotating Bezel Makes Return on Galaxy Watch 6 Pro Model(s)

Last year, none of the Galaxy Watch models, notably the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, sported a physical rotating bezel. Instead, Samsung went the capacitive route, which obviously worked fine, but definitely isn’t the same as having an actual spinning ring on your wrist. Thanks to YouTuber Super Roader, it’s now reported and subsequently believed that […]

Google Play Games PC Expands to More Regions, Adds New Games

At the end of 2022, Google expanded its Google Play Games PC Beta to the US and we were pretty darn excited about it. The idea that we could run some of our favorite Android and Google Play games on PC is a fun one that we can’t wait to take advantage of (once it […]

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Got Massive Price Cut In India

Usually, when a new flagship phone comes out, the previous generation of that model gets a price cut. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with the Galaxy Z Flip series. As a reminder, six months ago, Samsung launched the Galaxy Z Flip 4 clamshell. However, nothing happened with the third-generation model. Today, the South Korean company […]

T-Mobile Customers, Free Season of MLB TV is Returning

For all of you T-Mobile customers who appreciate the yearly gift of a free season of MLB TV, we’re happy to report that the benefit returns in 2023, set to arrive March 28. That’s two weeks from today, party people. In order to claim this offer, T-Mobile customers will need to download the T-Mobile Tuesday […]

Top 5 Handheld Gaming Consoles to Buy in 2023

Lately, smartphones have made mobile gaming quite popular and still getting more popular each day. There are many great mobile phones that are made for gaming. Most of these phones are packed with enough power to handle any game with ease. However, the PC or console experience is slightly different from smartphone gaming. Thanks to […]