Google’s Bard Open For Sign-Ups if You Need an AI Collaborator in Life

Google opened up Bard for sign-ups today and there is already a waitlist that is likely extensive. If your life needs an AI chatbot to talk to, you might as well throw your name on the list for this latest Google experiment. What is Google Bard, you ask, since we haven’t mentioned it at any […]

Jabra’s $99 Elite 4 Earbuds Now Out, Feature All the Necessities

Jabra introduced the latest iteration of its Elite earbuds this morning, the Elite 4 model. Priced at just $99, the main selling point of these buds is that they feature most of the high-end features one would expect from a pricey set of earbuds, but all at an affordable price. Specs for the Elite 4 […]

Unleash Your Inner AI Expert With Google’s Bard AI Chatbot

OpenAI released ChatGPT at the end of 2022, and since then the world has not been as we knew it. Some big players immediately started to invest in this product. When we say this, we mean Microsoft first. But it was clear that other big names in the industry weren’t going to sit still. Google […]

Edge Browser Will Soon be your New Cryptocurrency Wallet

Microsoft is really putting a lot of spices into the Edge Browser in recent times. The company is determined to grab a fair share of the browser market after several years of being an observer. Recently, we reported that the company has added features such as new side bar and AI search engine to the […]

Remove these 10 apps that drain the battery of your smartphone

The battery is the one aspect of smartphones that users tend to worry about the most. Although this is very challenging given that these apps drain the battery, we start thinking about different ways to reduce energy consumption and increase its battery life as soon as the device is turned on. Although they are not […]

Google Maps finally got the update we’ve been waiting for

Google Maps has recently introduced a new feature called “Immersive View” that promises to revolutionize the way users interact with the platform. This new feature was announced almost a year ago at I/O 2022 and is finally being rolled out to more users. Immersive View is a new way to explore locations on Google Maps, […]

iPhone dominates 75% of the premium smartphone market

In 2022, the global smartphone market faced macroeconomic difficulties that led to a 12% YoY decline in overall sales. However, there was a contrasting growth in the global premium smartphone market, which saw a 1% YoY increase in sales. This growth has allowed the premium price segment to contribute to 55% of the total global […]