PlayStation Q Lite: Here are the first concepts of Sony’s new handheld

According to recent rumors, and the curated confirmation of insider Tom Henderson, it seems that Sony is developing a new portable. However, this might not be the glorious return that all fans have been waiting for. Sony made a glorious start with the PSP but failed miserably with PS Vita and ended up abandoning the […]

Google Vs Huawei: Huawei Health App Removed From Play Store

It is shocking to learn that the Huawei Health app is no longer available on the Google Play Store. Never mind that it is a health-tracking app that provides similar information to its users, just like the Samsung Health app. Most importantly, hundreds of thousands of people use the Health app. All they need to […]

AI Is Here To Stay – How ChatGPT Is Replacing Human Jobs

Many people fear that the success of ChatGPT will lead to AI taking over human jobs. But if you think it won’t happen in the near future and you will still manage to make a career, we recommend you to read this article carefully because the reality is harsher. A month ago, a research firm […]

Ready to Grab the Xiaomi 13 Ultra? It Might Not Launch in Your Region!

 Just today, we got to know that Xiaomi will debut the much-awaited Xiaomi 13 Ultra this month. And even though there were some speculations of the availability, Xiaomi confirmed that there would be a global version of the phone. But do not let that get your hopes high because a reliable tipster has shared some […]

PS5 Pro: A fresh report confirms the launch timeline for the console

There are countless rumors emerging about a possible PS5 Pro. That probably may hurt the feelings of some players that have just acquired the PS5. The console had a rough start, being launched amidst the pandemic and the semiconductor shortage, it was not easy to grab one of these consoles in 2021-2022. Things improved now, […]