4 Ways to Cut Down Unnecessary Costs With the Use of an ERP Software

The current financial situation in the world has affected many companies. With no sign of when the financial turmoil will end, numerous companies are under more pressure than ever to secure their earnings and maintain a predictable cash flow. Businesses are eager to spend money and make large expenditures right now, with the aim to […]

How To Make Your Marketing Campaign Mobile-Friendly

In 2023, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone that actively uses the internet that doesn’t do so from their mobile device. With how accessible mobile phones are, being both small enough to carry with us but powerful enough to use for browsing, they’ve quickly become the go-to medium for internet browsing. In fact, over 92% […]

WhatsApp stops working soon on these Android smartphones

The latest beta test version of WhatsApp, with build number, confirms the worst fears for owners of older smartphones. The instant communications platform will no longer support Android versions prior to 5.0. This has been a cause of concern for many WhatsApp users who still use older smartphones that are no longer supported by […]

Say Goodbye to Smartphones; the Revolutionary Humane AI Wearable Is Here!

In case you didn’t know, Humane is a top-secret tech startup that was founded by ex-Apple vets Bethany Bongiorno and Imran Chaudhri. And the team has just shown off the game-changing Humane AI projector at a TED talk.   The TED talk started off with a quick summary of how fast AI is evolving. Chaudhri even […]

Is Your Used Router Spilling Secrets? Find Out Here

An ESET analysis published this week found that companies selling outdated network equipment sometimes fail to remove confidential information from it. As a result, sensitive information is leaked from corporate IT systems. The researchers said that half of the 18 used routers they received for their study contained confidential information. They also found that only five […]

Best Time of Year to Have Solar Panels Installed

Plenty of homes are now turning to solar energy as a practical and efficient alternative to electricity. So if you are looking to jump to solar energy, you are not alone. Installing solar panels can be a big financial commitment. But once you pay for the system, it is free to use for many years […]

Your Google Smart Home Devices Will Be Less Annoying Now

Google Assistant Is Now Less Annoying On Smart Home Devices Your Google Smart Home Devices Will Be Less Annoying Now BY Ronil Published 21 Apr 2023 Smart assistants are essential to any smart home, allowing you to give hands-free commands and operate several devices. When Google Assistant smart speakers first arrived, many felt it was […]

Google Pixel Tablet Could Cost Around $600

Google Pixel Tablet Could Cost Around $600 Google Pixel Tablet Could Cost Around $600 BY Ronil Published 21 Apr 2023 The Google Pixel Tablet is frequently making headlines these days, thanks to new leaks and rumors. Day after we came across an early Amazon listing of the slate’s dock that revealed its price, a new […]