Android will deeply integrate Google’s Bard AI technology

The integration of artificial intelligence into our daily lives has been a significant focus for tech giants like Google. In recent years, Google has made great strides in AI development. And one of its most innovative creations is the Google Bard AI. This generative AI has proven to be highly advanced and can compete with […]

Here’s how Google and Samsung will make Android 14 much better

The Android 14 is the latest version of the mobile operating system developed by the Google developer team. They have been working on it for several months now. It is expected to be released in the final months of 2023. However, one of the most common complaints among Android users and developers is the restrictions […]

The Dark Side of Free VPN Services: What You Need to Know

Due to many reasons, people have to use VPN (Virtual Private Network) services. But free cheese is only in a mousetrap. So we guess most of you are not aware of security dangers of using such services. We understand that some frugal internet users think that a free VPN can do the job without any […]

Nokia launches G60 5G, 105 4G, and T10 tablet in Brazil: Prices Listed

On Friday, May 5th, HMD Global launched three new Nokia devices in Brazil. These devices include the Nokia G60 5G, a feature phone named Nokia 105 4G (2022), and the Nokia T10 tablet. The aim of this launch is to expand HMD Global’s entry-level cell phone portfolio with support for the latest generation mobile network. […]

PWA Development: A Cost-Effective Solution for Seamless Web Applications

In the current technological era, businesses are continuously searching for solutions to satisfy the needs of the rising number of internet users who access it through mobile devices. A solution known as Progressive Web Apps (PWA) has been developed by software professionals. These innovative apps offer a seamless user experience on a range of devices […]