Google Pixel 7a phone hides this “exclusive” feature

Google recently released its latest mid – range mobile phone, the Google Pixel 7a. Since the launch of this device, there has been a lot of attention on this mobile phone. A new report now reveals that the Google Pixel 7a will come with a feature that no other Pixel phone has in the past. […]

Windows 11 faces major security threat: it will take a year to solve it

In January of this year, Microsoft released a security patch for computers updated to Windows 11. The patch was meant to fix a serious vulnerability in the Secure Boot security mechanism. However, “BlackLotus”, one of the most dangerous malware today, continues to pose a threat. As a result, Microsoft has had to release yet another […]

[Guide] Here’s how to make your iPhone battery last longer

Every time a new iOS update is released, many users inevitably experience a rapid depletion of their battery life. The latest iOS 16 is not immune to this issue, which is primarily attributed to background processes such as syncing and indexing that users cannot control. While some reasons for this fast draining battery life can […]

Tronsmart Halo 100 review: are you ready to party?

The Breakdown It’s an eye-catching Bluetooth speaker, with an impressive power that will turn heads and keep their attention through sonic clarity and stunning lighting. Performance Value for Money Battery Life Connectivity Options Tronsmart is no stranger to us here at Gizchina HQ. It’s a well-established Chinese manufacturer making a name for itself by making […]

Google’s new text-to-music generator goes public: A threat for musicians?

Back in January, Google announced a new AI tool that can convert your text prompts into music. It’s called MusicLM which is now available for public use. However, Google intends this release for training the model, so you need to join a waitlist to get access to MusicLM. Google will take the feedback of users […]

Why Encryption is Important for Mobile Gaming & Browsing

If you have been involved in the technology field for a considerable period of time, you are likely to have encountered the concept of encryption. It is important to understand that encryption is one of the easiest ways to protect your devices and data, especially against data thieves, hackers, and “big brother.” If you are […]