Website CAPTCHAs: Here’s how to bypass them on your iPhone

The internet is full of website CAPTCHAs to distinguish between human users and bots. While CAPTCHAs are essential in securing online platforms, they can be irritating and time-consuming for users. This comprehensive guide will explore how to bypass website CAPTCHAs on your iPhone and iPad, making your online experience more seamless and enjoyable. What is […]

The man who became the youngest self-billionaire in 2021 now owns Forbes

There have been some big changes in Forbes Global Media Holdings recently. Austin Russell, the founder of Luminar Technologies, bought the majority of stakes in Forbes. The deal, which was finalized on Friday, values at a whopping $800 million. Austin Russell Takes Majority Stake in Forbes, Valuing the Company at $800 Million The 28-year-old founder […]

Apple caught the leaker of the iPhone’s dynamic island using a trap

Apple is known for its tight secrecy around new products and features. The company goes to great lengths to keep its plans under wraps. And it has a team of dedicated security professionals who are responsible for protecting its intellectual property. In recent years, Apple has been particularly successful at fighting leaks. In 2019, the […]

Disney+ is in free fall: it lost 4 million subscribers in the past quarter

Disney+, the streaming service owned by The Walt Disney Company, has lost subscribers for the second quarter in a row. The company announced on May 10 that it lost 4 million subscribers in the first three months of 2023, bringing its total subscriber base to 157.8 million. Disney+ Loses Subscribers for the Second Quarter in […]