How to Communicate and Visualize Model Monitoring Results

Model monitoring is the process of monitoring and evaluating a model’s performance over time in machine learning (ML). Its primary goal is to identify any changes or abnormalities that may have an impact on a model’s precision, accuracy, or efficacy. However, simply collecting these metrics is not enough. Effectively communicating and visualizing these results is […]

Spotify’s New Feature: A Potential YouTube Music Killer?

There are many music streaming services around the world which makes it a very competitive market. Each streaming service is fighting to get to the top of the table with their own strategies. While some of them have their focus on music quality, others would rather shift a bit from top end streaming quality in […]

Pharmaceutical Industry Meets 3D Printing: Triastek Wins 2023 TCT Award with MED® 3D Printing Technology

Triastek Inc., a healthcare leader with a global footprint, recently achieved a significant milestone by clinching the 2023 TCT Healthcare Application Award. This is the first time that a pharmaceutical company has been honored with this award. Spotlighting Triastek’s innovative strides in the industry with its proprietary 3D printing technology, Melt Extrusion Deposition (MED®). The […]

iPad Security Lockout ? Best 5 Ways to Unlock It

iPad and other iDevice have a safety feature that locks out the device if you enter the wrong passcode several times. But this security lockout can be a problem if you don’t remember the passcode. If you are stuck in such a situation, you can easily bypass the iPad security lockout. We are going to […]

Dreametech R Series cordless vacuums launching with massive discounts

Even though robotic vacuum cleaners are occupying a big chunk of the market, good old stick vacuums are still having the upper hand. After all they are the most versatile and can be used for things, that robot simply can’t achieve. Cordless models are the most popular ones among them, because cleaning without wires is […]