The Future Trends in App Development and Business Software

The modern world that we live in is dominated by technology, and such technology is managed and best used through the software that your business has. Your business, regardless of what it does, sells or produces, will run on software, and the software itself will then need hardware to function as it should. It is […]

Boost Your Video Views by 40% with Google’s New AI Ad Solution

Google recently launched two automation functions for advertisers by integrating AI tech. This can greatly improve the efficiency of ad delivery and obtain higher conversion rates. According to IT Home, the new AI ad solution boosts video views by 40%. This new solution is a part of Google’s ongoing efforts to integrate AI into its […]

Huawei Is Not Getting 5G Chips From Qualcomm; the Rumors Are Fake!

In case you are unaware, the US banned the use of telecommunications equipment from foreign firms deemed a national security risk. Huawei is also placed on a trade blocklist, which restricts most US suppliers from supplying goods and technology to the company. It was part of an executive order that came into effect on May […]

How to Capture Stunning Images with an iPhone – A GUIDE

People buy the iPhone for several reasons and iPhone photography is one of them. No doubt, you must have seen stunning images online which were captured with the iPhone and nothing else. Have you ever felt like your iPhone camera is not delivering good images like the ones you see online? If you have, then […]

Celebrate the 11th Geekbuying anniversary in style with super deals

Time certainly flies for all of us and here and there we get reminded of that. For example, can you imagine, that one of our favourite chinese e-shops is already celebrating their 11th anniversary ? Yes, Geekbuying is with us already for long 11 years and the anniversary celebrations of course need some of the […]