Zenfone 10: Unleashing Compact Power with Snapdragon 8 Gen 2

ASUS has managed to hold its own in the specialized market for small smartphones, where alternatives are few and far between unless you count foldable flip phones. The new Zenfone 10 closely resembles its predecessor, right down to the 50-megapixel primary camera. However, ASUS claims the camera can now access an updated 6-axis gimbal stabilization […]

Upgrade Your Gaming Library: Unbeatable Deals at the Steam Summer Sale

Gamers are in for a treat as the Steam Summer Sale has arrived! Although the weekly freebies from Epic Games may not be as substantial, there are still plenty of fantastic discounts to be had. This year’s Steam Summer Sale features a diverse lineup of highly acclaimed titles, making it the perfect opportunity to discover […]

Android’s Brand Evolution: A New Logo Identity Unveiled

Over the past few years, Android’s visual appearance has undergone significant transformations. Alongside these changes, the brand identity of Android has also evolved. Over time, we have seen various adjustments to Android’s logo and brand. However, the bugdroid has consistently remained an essential element of Android’s identity. The most recent alteration took place in 2019. […]

Unlock Your YouTube Potential: Earn Badges and Rewards with YouTube Premium

YouTube has rolled out a new feature that allows Premium subscribers to earn badges based on their usage. While the feature doesn’t come with any tangible benefits, it does add a fun and interactive element to the Premium experience. Google Introduces Fun Rewards and Achievements for YouTube Premium Subscribers The addition of the badge system […]

Proton Launches Proton Pass: The Free Encrypted Password Manager You Need

Proton, the company behind the end – to – end encrypted email service Proton Mail, has launched its password manager, Proton Pass, for everyone. Password managers are essential tools for online security, enabling users to create and manage different complex passwords. This way, if a data breach occurs, the user’s other accounts remain relatively safe. […]