From DoubleClick to AI: How Google is Shaping the Future of Digital Ads

Sean Downey, Google’s president of the Americas and worldwide partners, is not afraid of change. With two decades in the ads market, he has seen it all, from the dot-com boom to the digital privacy crackdown. As generative AI sweeps the industry, Google faces new problems in designing future ad technologies. Downey, meanwhile, keeps his […]

Exciting New WhatsApp Features for iPhone Users Revealed

WhatsApp, the instant messaging app owned by Meta, has started rolling out three new user features for iPhone users. These features were initially available exclusively to beta testers but are now being broadly released to all iPhone users. The new features include: 1. Conversation Transfer Function: This feature allows users to transfer their WhatsApp conversations […]

Get Ready for HarmonyOS 4.0: Official Announcement Coming on August 4

Huawei has confirmed through a Weibo post that it will officially announce HarmonyOS 4.0 in August. The post includes an image of ArkTS code. This indicates that the announcement will be related to “What to expect in August,” along with a prominent “4.” The “4” in the code suggests the release will happen during the […]

Galaxy Z Fold5 announced with faster processor and improved hinge

Introducing the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 – the latest iteration in Samsung’s line of foldable smartphones. While not a complete overhaul, the Z Fold5 brings significant improvements and refinements to its predecessor, the best-selling Galaxy Z Fold4. One of the major enhancements is the new Flex Hinge, which allows the phone to close fully flat. […]

Galaxy Z Flip5 announced: The Next Evolution of Foldable Phones

Samsung has launched its latest foldable phone, the Galaxy Z Flip5, with two major upgrades that address the two biggest criticisms of the Z Flip4. The new Flex Hinge and Flex Window features make it possible for the phone to close flat and eliminate the large gap left when it’s closed and the tiny cover […]