Off-road e-scooter Ausom Leopard launching on Geekbuying

Looking for an electric scooter, that is built also for some off-road performance ? Then it’s your lucky day, because one model just like that is launching on the Geekbuying e-shop. And the Ausom Leopard is definitely an e-scooter worthy of your attention. With a special launch promo price it of course gets even better […]

Middle East Fans Worried About Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Release

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, a much-awaited release from Sony, has run into problems in the Middle East. Pre-orders and key info are removed from the PS Store website. Some players have got refunds for their previous purchases. They reported being unable to pre-order the game in countries such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, […]

ChatGPT: The Good, the Bad, and the AI-drifting Ugly

ChatGPT gained momentum since its debut in November 2022. During these months, it has been on everyone’s lips. Some people use this AI chatbot for fun, while many firms use it to make money. But recent studies have raised concerns about ChatGPT performance degradation over time. Plus, the new version of this chatbot has begun […]

Apple adds serial numbers to parts: Third-party parts may not work correctly

Forbes reports that if iPad Pro users opt not to replace a broken screen through official certification channels, subsequent Apple Pencil interaction will no longer work. A repair expert claims that Apple is now using software restrictions for its product parts. The Apple serial number makes the parts “tied” to the device according to the expert. […]

Meta Threads lost more than half of its users within a few weeks

Meta CEO, Mark Zuckerberg said in an internal speech that Threads lost more than half of its users within a few weeks of its launch. He therefore charged his staff at Threads to focus on the retention rate. Zuckerberg said, “If hundreds of millions of people sign up and at least half of them stay, […]