A Guide to Installing Android Auto Games on Your Smartphone

For the past few years, Android Auto has been offering a delightful and engaging feature to its users – mini games on the GameSnacks app. These fun little games provide a perfect way to entertain yourself during those moments when your car is parked. The best part? There are over 140 mini games available, covering […]

Effortless File Sharing: Google’s Nearby Share Now Supports Full Folder Transfer

Back in July, Google released the stable version of the Nearby Share for Windows. And in case you missed our coverage, it functions similarly to AirDrop, but it’s for Android. Like AirDrop, this feature allows you to share images and files with nearby devices. In other words, it basically makes sharing files easier. With the […]

AnTuTu Reveals July’s Most Powerful Smartphones

AnTuTu, the renowned platform for benchmarking smartphone performance, has recently unveiled its ranking of the most powerful smartphones for the month of July. The focus of this ranking lies on the premium segment of Android mobile devices. And it’s no surprise that Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip dominates the list. AnTuTu: these are the […]

Adobe Firefly Can Now Seamlessly Expand Images

Back in May, Adobe integrated the Firefly family of AI models into the beta versions of Photoshop. Adobe Firefly generative AI lets users add, remove, or expand content based on the original images. And the most important part is that all its edits are non-destructive, and all it requires is one simple text prompt. Well, […]

Oppo Ditches Iconic Green Logo Color for Minimalist Black and White

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oppo has quietly announced a change to its iconic green logo color. The company has decided to ditch the green accents in favor of black accents, as noted by online users in China who spotted the changes in profile images on Weibo. While many fans expressed their disappointment at the change, […]