OnePlus Ace 2 Pro to Come With an Optimized Fingerprint Sensor

OnePlus Ace 2 Pro is set to debut on Aug 16 in China. The company has revealed many specs of the phone through official announcements. Among them, one of the key highlights is that the phone will feature a BOE-manufactured Q9+ panel. This panel offers high overall resolution and a smoother refresh rate. What’s more […]

tvOS 17 Code Confirms A17 Chip Exclusivity to iPhone 15 Pro Models

The iPhone 15 series is pretty much near the horizon. As per past Apple events, Apple will officially unroll the curtains of its latest phones in September, which is just a few weeks away. As the official announcement draws near, more and more reports regarding the series have been popping up. However, this time, the […]

Unlocking New Possibilities: The Latest PS5 System Update

Gamers are buzzing about the PS5 system update 23.01-07.61 recently released by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Don’t get too excited yet about the new PS5 test version; significant changes may not be immediate. Let’s dive into the details of this change and explore its potential impact on the gaming industry. Sony PS5 System Update Changelog Users […]

The Ultimate Durability Test: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 bend test

It’s a scene we’ve all witnessed before. A new smartphone hits the market, followed by a relatively short interval before it undergoes the dreaded durability test. Once again, this familiar ritual unfolds. This time, the spotlight shines on Samsung’s latest offering, the Galaxy Z Fold5, a recently announced large-size foldable smartphone. The suspense builds as […]

Sony’s Report: Strong PS5 Sales, Decline in Mobile Phones

Sony recently released its quarterly report for the months of April to June, which corresponds to the first quarter of the company‘s fiscal year. The report unveiled a remarkable 33% increase in overall sales, largely driven by the game and network services, music, imaging, and financial services businesses. While the report did not disclose the […]