Own Google Pixel Buds? Google Wants You To Clean Them Routinely

Earbuds have now become one of the essential gadgets. If you asked me, I would say it’s pretty much impossible to go out without taking my wireless earbuds. However, a common issue with regularly used accessories is neglecting their cleaning. Well, Google has taken a step in this regard for the users of Google Pixel […]

Free Up Space: The Easiest Ways to Clean Up Google Drive Storage and Gmail

As you might know, Google offers you 15GB of storage if you are in the free tier. While this 15GB may seem a lot at first, it can gradually become filled with photos, large files, and, most importantly, tons of emails. But addressing a low storage issue on Google services becomes a piece of cake […]

Samsung is developing an impressive 440 MP photo sensor

Samsung, the South Korean tech giant renowned for its innovation, is once again making waves in the world of photography. Recent revelations on social media platforms have provided an exciting peek into the development of four groundbreaking photographic sensors by Samsung, featuring resolutions ranging from 50 MP to an astounding 440 MP. Samsung’s Cutting-Edge 440 […]

Apple’s Alert: The Risks of Charging Your iPhone While You Sleep

In a recent update on their support page, Apple has issued a vital warning regarding the perilous practice of charging your iPhone while you’re asleep, particularly if you tend to leave it nestled in your bed. Apple’s Warning: The Dangers of Charging Your iPhone While You Sleep The foremost objective of this cautionary advisory is […]

Samsung Galaxy S24 and S24+ to get a flatter design for a sleek look

Samsung’s foldable devices are now on the market, and as the excitement settles, attention is turning towards leaks and rumors about the upcoming Galaxy S24 lineup. The latest leak focuses on a significant design change for the Galaxy S24 and S24+. Samsung Galaxy S24 Leaks: Design Changes are coming Galaxy S24 mockup renders – Source: […]