The Future of Small Phones: A Disappearing Market?

In the fast-paced world of smartphones, change is the only constant. Just a few years ago, there was a niche market for small, pocket-friendly mobile devices, but today, these tiny powerhouses are nearly extinct. Last year, we explored the best compact smartphones. At that time, smartphones with manageable screen sizes were already becoming rare, particularly in […]

Microsoft Windows 10 File Explorer gets a surprise update

Microsoft announced a few months ago that Windows 10 will no longer receive “important” updates with new features and substantial changes. Of course, although Microsoft no longer provides important feature updates, it will still bring general updates to users through monthly “Tuesday Updates” and optional non-security update patches. These updates still offer surprising changes or new features. Neowin found […]

Tesla executive, Colin Campbell resigns after 17 years

Colin Campbell, a key engineering executive at Tesla, has recently announced his departure from the company. He is leaving the company after working at Tesla for 17 years. Colin has played a huge role in Tesla’s growth and success. This makes his departure a notable event in the company and the industry at large. He […]