Lenovo Legion Glasses: Your Portable On-the-Go Gaming Monitor

Lenovo showcased a ton of brand-new products at the IFA 2023 event. The main highlight is undoubtedly the Lenovo Legion Go, a handheld gaming device that lets you play on the go. But no matter how great the portable gaming device is, its small screen can’t really do much in terms of offering you an […]

Rugged tablet PAD P1 from AGM officially launching for Europe at IFA 2023

Rugged phones are already a pretty significant portion of the market and they have their own stable customer base. But getting your hands on a rugged tablet from a major brand is still not as common. Luckily for us we are getting a new interesting one from the rugged experts AGM Mobile. Their rugged portfolio […]

Elevate Your International Business Game With This Unbeatable Success Enabler

The world is a global market. That might seem an exaggeration, but those who transact internationally understand how true that is. Historically, trade was international, and goods crossed borders with some degree of ease. In today’s world, products travel with even more ease. However, the dynamics of your product or service in a particular market […]

Tesla slashes price on FSD assisted driving feature to $12,000

Tesla has recently announced a 20% price cut on its Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta software, bringing the cost down to $12,000. The FSD feature is an advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) that enables Tesla cars to perform certain driving tasks autonomously. These tasks include navigating on highways, changing lanes, and parking. The FSD package also includes […]

The biggest video game studios in Canada

Canada’s gaming industry is a vibrant one. Here, pixels and passion converge to create digital magic. And it is not relevant whether you are a gaming aficionado or an aspiring professional; Canada’s allure in the gaming world is undeniable. But the journey to landing video game tester jobs on Jooble and similar platforms or exploring […]

China dominates the clean energy market

China has been leading the world in clean energy production and investment for several years. The country has made huge strides in transitioning to a more sustainable, secure, and inclusive energy future. Large American firms lag far behind their Chinese rivals in generating revenue from solar, wind, nuclear and other types of renewable energy. According to […]

Oppo A38 is official with a 90Hz Display and Dual 50MP Cameras

Oppo has quietly introduced the Oppo A38 smartphone in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The Oppo UAE website now lists the device, revealing all its specifications and features. However, the company has not yet disclosed its pricing or availability. Let’s dive into the Oppo A38’s features and specs. The Oppo A38 launched with a 90Hz […]