Huawei and Xiaomi Patent Dispute Resolved With a Global Cross-Licensing Deal

Huawei and Xiaomi are two big names in the smartphone industry. They make phones with amazing features and technology. But they also had some problems with each other. Not long ago, Huawei sued Xiaomi for alleged infringement of four patents. These patents were about smartphone photography, wireless communication technology, and screen lock technology. But now, […]

EU launch investigation into Chinese electric car subsidies

The European Commission President, von der Leyen announced at the annual EU State of the Union address in Strasbourg, that the European Commission has launched an investigation into the Chinese government’s support for electric vehicle (EVs) brands. The probe aims to prevent a flood of cheap imports of Chinese EVs into the EU market. This […]

TOZO NC7 earbuds with active noise cancellation drops down to just $39.99

Finding the perfect wireless earbuds model can be challenging. The market offers thousands of interesting models, with prices constantly dropping. These days you certainly want to look for a model with active noise cancellation though.  Today, we want to introduce you to a model that fits that description. TOZO NC7 earbuds can offer very solid […]

Sony PS5 new system launched globally – SSD expansion increases to 8TB

Sony announced the global launch of a new PS5 system software update. The update includes all new features previously included in the beta system. This includes the new auxiliary functions, Dolby Atmos support, and new multiplayer game sessions. However, one of the major upgrades is the increase in the maximum capacity of the solid-state drive […]

US DoJ commences Google search monopoly trial

The United States Department of Justice (DoJ) has commenced a trial against Google. It is accusing the tech giant of monopolizing the search engine industry. This is the biggest tech monopoly trial of the 21st century and the first major tech monopoly trial since the DoJ challenged Microsoft over 20 years ago. The case centres […]

Transform Your Android Usage with Macdroid: The Essential Soft Tech Resource

In our current digital age, achieving flawless integration among devices is not just a luxury; it is essential. Within this context, Macdroid rises as a significant force, set to reshape the interaction between Android and Mac systems. Macdroid’s Journey Over Time Peeling back the layers of tech evolution, the relationship between Android and Mac systems […]

Elevate, Innovate, and Integrate: The AI Consulting Services Advantage

Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) has moved beyond being a choice to being a strategic need in the quickly changing corporate environment of today. AI has already shown itself to be a powerful force that can alter businesses, propel innovation, and integrate smoothly into current processes. However, how can enterprises fully utilize AI? […]