Six Reasons Why Google Bard Takes the Lead in the AI Battle

Initially, Google Bard had some shortcomings, but it seems Google has invested in its development, making it a reliable and frequently used language model for you. While no language model is perfect, it’s impressive to see how it has become a valuable companion in your tasks, outperforming other alternatives like ChatGPT and Bing Chat in […]

Study Reveals Phones With Best Battery Life From Each Brands

Smartphones have come a long way. But even though they have started coming with extremely capable specs, battery anxiety remains. After all, smartphones are currently the most used devices. And as we all rely on these so much, it’s natural for us to want them to last long after they are unplugged. So, the hunt […]

Ugreen Black Friday pre-sale event is here with plenty of discounted accessories

Looking for discounted phone or computer accessories ? Then the currently running Black Friday sale events are tailored just for you. Almost every single shop and brand in the world is trying to offer something in such promos and Ugreen is no different. These guys are the experts in chargers, cables, hubs and much more, […]

How to Change Location on iPhone | Easy Guide

Greetings, iPhone enthusiasts and digital explorers! In the ever-evolving digital landscape, where connectivity knows no bounds, our smartphones have become the compasses navigating us through the vast realms of technology. Among the myriad functionalities, the ability to alter our virtual coordinates has garnered intrigue and necessity alike. Whether you’re an avid traveler longing for location-specific […]

How to Adapt to WhatsApp’s New Policy on Google Drive Backups

In the ever-evolving world of technology, change is a constant companion. Recently, a significant shift has occurred in the realm of WhatsApp, impacting Android users who have long enjoyed the privilege of free and unlimited backups on Google Drive. As of 2024, this familiar convenience has been replaced with a new policy: backups will now […]