5 Out Of 10 Smartphone Users Switch To iPhone

The confrontation between and is as old as time itself. Although Android-related or Android-based firms bring more innovation overall, resists alone. In a way, this adds value to Apple’s activities. In addition, the Cupertino-based company designs and manufactures premium products, while Android offers a wide range of products. So if you want to get your hands on a top-of-the-range model, the iPhone is your first choice. Beyond Identity backs this statement up. Their report shows that 49% of Android users are switching to the iPhone camp. The reason is that Apple products offer better mobile security and have fewer privacy issues.

Many Smartphone Users Prefer iPhone Over Models

The research firm surveyed a random sample of 1,003 users. 76% of users feel that the security performance of smartphones has improved. This is higher than 74% of users.

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In addition, 20% of iCloud users believe it is secure. At the same time, 13% of users think ’s password manager is safe. The gap is obvious.

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Apple iPhone Ultra Design

What we don’t like is the small number of people involved in this survey. And they all live in the US. That means it doesn’t answer the question of whether smartphone users in all regions and markets feel the same way. For example, it would be interesting to know why Chinese smartphone users buy iPhones. We think there are a lot of first-tier smartphone manufacturers based in China that offer pretty good products. So if there are competing domestic brands, what are the factors that influence their buying decision?

Well, when we buy a new smartphone, we all evaluate the functions it supports. It depends on both the hardware and the software. We also consider its design and ecology. The store managers tell you that, right? In fact, smartphone brands don’t sell a product with a few features, they sell emotions. has no equals when it comes to inspiring people.

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