5 signs to know when it’s time to change your smartphone

If you wish to keep your smartphone until its final breath, it will eventually give you warnings (some less obvious than others) that it is time to retire. Of course, there are situations where your phone no longer works or has been stolen. When should I change my smartphone? when at least one of these indications is present.

How to know when it's time to change your smartphone


Battery life sucks

After several years of working with your smartphone every day, if you didn't change its battery, you have to take the charger everywhere with you since the battery starts degrading.

Yes, purchasing a smartphone with a large capacity battery is a good idea. You can also carry a power bank with you at all times, but this is only a temporary solution. There are also many useful tips for extending battery life, but it is inevitable that they will degrade over time.

Always, smartphone batteries continue to deteriorate over time. Changing the battery is an available option here. It's time to take calculate and determine the pricing, which can be about $50 to $100. In the end, you should prioritize money and effort over getting a new phone.

No more space is available

Speaking of iPhones and after the battery, the lack of space is the second most common cause to replace the device. It should be noted that lack of space is a universal problem that affects all phones, not just the iPhone.

As before, there are a number of tips and best practices to help you free up space in addition to the obvious methods like uninstalling apps and removing files, videos, apps, and so on. Although you can expand it a little bit more if your phone has a memory card port, applications are actually consuming more and more space.

And while occasionally cleaning out your storage space is fine, if you have to delete an app in order to install a new one or if you can't record videos out of fear of filling up your memory, then you should seriously consider buying a new smartphone with larger storage space.

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Crashes and lags

Be cautious because it's possible that even after installation, the experience will be catastrophic. Then you can decide to make a compromise and stop playing that game.

The clock is against you, so it doesn't matter if you open several windows in your browser the next time, combines it with WhatsApp and Instagram, or use Waze to check up on a location. At that point, you'll feel lags in your smartphone. Even worse, some applications might not respond at all before abruptly terminating.

This is already a crucial point because it won't be a matter of demanding applications as much as it will be a matter of it not supporting your daily activities. You need them if you use multiple applications that are open at once.

This does not imply that you require a high-end phone, which instead is more durable over time, but rather that the hardware in your existing phone has become outdated. It doesn't mean you have to upgrade, but if you were satisfied with its use, then there is no need to upgrade.

Certain apps are no longer supported or no longer getting system updates

You are mostly concerned with security when it comes to ensuring that your phone is running the most recent version of its operating system.

Using an outdated version is not a problem on a daily basis, but it does make your phone more vulnerable. The fact that it is compatible but they advise “not updating” because the results will be worse is another important signal that should cause you to change it.

Fortunately, smartphones are now getting software updates for a longer period of time. From 2-3 years on mid-range devices to 4-5 years for flagship devices. Europe has taken the problem seriously, and things are getting better. We highly recommend getting a smartphone from a brand known for its long support period.

However, at this point, is dominated by its iOS devices, which have six years of updates, while on Android, they have already started working and the Pixel and the high-end come after five years, though since the previous year.

The future appears bleak if you try to install an application and your phone responds with an incompatibility alert. The most demanding virtual reality apps or games are an excellent example because they need specific quantities of RAM and graphics power to function properly.

You may be able to live without them, but your phone is alerting you that it lacks the resources necessary for some tasks. It could involve hardware, software, or both. Buying a flagship smartphone will help you in this regard. And will extend its virtual age for a longer period of time. As they always get good processors and internal specs.


A bad camera

The smartphone camera is one of the features that has advanced the most recently. Both in terms of hardware and software. Sincerity dictates that, with a few significant exceptions, high-end smartphones have the greatest cameras available.

Even if you only occasionally take shots in well-lit, good conditions, if your images and videos are frequently cluttered with noise and blur. You probably need a newer, better camera. If you have a mid-range or entry-level smartphone, don't expect its camera to generate a good performance. Especially after a long period of use.

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