7 Top Apps and Sites for College Students in 2019

Modern technologies affect every sphere of human life. Smartphones and so-called wearable devices such as smartwatches and fitness bracelets have become a must in everyday activities. Applications help us do everything.  They tell us how many calories we spent, how many steps we took, how we are sleeping, how much water we need to drink, and how to get to the right place. But are there any useful applications and websites that will simplify the life of a student? Of course! In this article, we will look at some of the most relevant ones this year.

The Penny Hoarder

If you are a student, then saving money is extremely important for you. Many people can not always say exactly how their finances are affecting them and why money runs out so quickly. Of course, everyone tries to record income and expenses, count, and calculate. In the end, such activities only tend to frustrate people.

This application was created for tracking your financial status. Here, each student can also find useful tips for saving money, as well as earning options and smart budgeting rules.


To earn and save money, everyone needs good health. You can not gain much if you do not have the strength to get out of bed. This particular site about health will help students keep vitality high. Here everyone can find useful expert advice on how to maintain physical and mental health. There are also suggestions on how to eat properly with tasty and simple recipes. 

You’ll know how to exercise and create training sessions for varying degrees of skill. All this is presented in a convenient blog format where you can easily find a topic of interest. One can also subscribe to receive notifications about fresh posts.


Speaking of health and savings, there is an excellent site where each student will be able to combine knowledge from the first two sources. On BudgetBytes, you can find tips on how to eat tasty and healthy without spending all your savings. Here you can get not only a lot of recipes from various inexpensive products but also find:

  • Tons of recipes for vegans and vegetarians
  • Meat dishes of all types
  • Party food like pizza and burgers
  • Separation of dishes according to world cuisines.

All recipes are divided into categories, and photos are attached to each of them. Now you can easily find ideas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There are also suggestions for dessert or a small snack before the classes start! 


To have time to do all your business and keep your to-do list straight, there is Wunderlist. This is a straightforward and convenient cloud planner where you can record all your notes, plans, and meetings from any device. Here everyone will be able to create their own categories of tasks, set up a schedule, and never miss anything important during the day. 

The student can transfer the class schedule to the app and set reminders. Moreover, an alarm clock, a subtask, or even a file can be attached to each item. Standard categories like “today” and “week” will collect all the data from the folders you created and show all upcoming events.

My Modern Met

If your student life is somehow connected with art or you study art, architecture, design, or photography, then this resource is created for you. You won’t be able to take eyes off of the images on this site. With this cool and convenient tool, you can visit museums, exhibitions, installations, view buildings, and even visit lands far away sitting on a sofa in your own home. 


Student life is filled with moments when even in 2019, you need to write an assignment manually. Hours and days of preparation for exams pass unnoticed, and your time is priceless. Many learners around the world use special services to save time and effort on writing assignments. One such platform is EssayPro where experienced professionals can take any of your tasks and do it well before the deadline. Just go to the site, fill out a simple form with the details of your assignment, choose the best performer, and enjoy your free time.


It’s an application for those who love not only to plan and make lists but to create brain maps and trees. Doing any task will be easier if you have a bunch of ideas about how to approach it. For example, if you need to write an assignment, use brainstorming applications, and note all the suggestions for topics, points of the plan, introduction, conclusion, and sources.

Inspiration does not always come during an assignment, so, with X Mind, you will not forget anything. It can be an idea sparking somewhere on a walk in the park, at a bar with friends, or while cleaning the house. 

Wrapping Up

All these sites and applications can make a student’s life easier and more enjoyable. Using them, you can learn how to cook, save money, write plans, generate ideas, find inspiration, and translate one text format into another. Do not lose the opportunity to use the full power of modern technology to improve your academic performance and become a little happier.

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