A Guy Took Pictures of the Google Pixel 6 Pro

Google still hasn’t set a public date for the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro to be revealed and then go on sale, but they are doing everything they can to continue to tease their arrival. The new Store in NYC has apparently setup display units that someone noticed today and took pictures of.

In the images here, you can see the gold Pixel 6 Pro under a banner with its name and a “Coming Fall 2021” note. There’s a QR code too, but it just takes you to the online Store’s Pixel 6 listing that has been live for several weeks.

The device itself isn’t really showing us anything new beyond what has already showed us, but look, this is almost a real device in the wild situation and we’ll take it. Of course, Google is hiding the display (which we kind of saw here) and isn’t letting anyone touch it. Taking pictures of it like this does give you a better idea of the color, how that camera bar will look in the real world, and how damn big the phone might be.

This gold option is most definitely my least favorite of the three, with the silver and black models looking the slickest. If you do love this soft gold, well, good for you and that fancy taste of yours. Please take care of it as you scarf caviar and chutney off its backside with your glass of Dom in hand and red bottoms on.

Google Pixel 6 Pro Display

Oh, and this guy also snagged a photo of the regular Pixel 6 in its red or pink or whatever color that is. It looks very nice.

Pixel 6 at Google Store

Who wants to walk over to the Store for us and see what else they can find?

Via: droid-life.com

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