A large number of Android users are ready to buy an iPhone 12

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The SellCell online store has shared unexpected research results, polling more than 2,000 Android users. It turned out that a third (33.1%) of them are considering buying a device from the iPhone 12 series. Moreover, for 55.9% of respondents, the main reason for this desire is not the smartphone itself, but rather the iOS operating system with its long update period. 48.8% said that the main goal of moving to the iPhone 12 is the higher degree of protection of personal data.

It is noteworthy that 36.9% of respondents are ready to leave Android because of the desire to get a more compact device, and when asked which of the four future iPhone 12 models they would choose, the vast majority (48.1%) named the iPhone 12 mini. And although the number of the sample is not large enough, some tendencies based on the survey results can be deduced. Users are more likely to be interested in the quality and support of software, and with them the physical convenience in work due to compact dimensions.

Key takeaways from the survey

  • Nearly 33% of Android users would consider getting an iPhone 12 as their next upgrade.
  • The compact iPhone 12 Mini is the most popular pick at 48.1%; followed by iPhone 12 Pro Max (22.9%), iPhone 12 Pro (18.1%), and iPhone 12 Max (10.9%).
  • The reasons for ditching their current Android phone for a brand new iPhone 12, in the order of votes polled, Longer Software Support (55.9%), Better Privacy Protection (48.8%), Compact Form Factor (36.9%), Better Prices (30.9%), Better Features (24.7%), 5G Connectivity (19%), Better UI (12.1%).
  • 36% of Android users said ‘yes’ when asked if they would consider buying a 2020 iPad model; with 66.7% of them opting for the iPad 8th Gen and 33.3% going with the iPad Air 2020.
  • Only 17.1% of Android users would consider purchasing a 2020 Apple Watch model; with 73.5% of them opting for the Apple Watch SE and 26.5% going with the Apple Watch Series 6.
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Why the users want to switch from Android to iPhone 12:

  • ‘Longer Software support’ – 55.9%
  • ‘Better privacy protection’ – 48.8%
  • ‘Compact form factor’ (5.4-inch iPhone) – 36.9%
  • ‘Better prices’ – 30.9%
  • ‘Better features’ (camera, specs, design) – 24.7%
  • ‘5G connectivity’ – 19%
  • ‘Better UI’ – 12.1%
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