A US state plans to ban electric cars in 2035

Several senators from the State of Wyoming have just introduced a bill to gradually end the sale of electric cars on its territory by 2035, while an increasing number of nations have pledged to outlaw the use of thermal cars within the next 20 years. But this state, which depends heavily on the extraction of oil and gas, truly has severe worries hidden beneath this stunning news.

As you may be aware, numerous nations have pledged recently to stop selling thermal automobiles in favor of electric vehicles. This is the case, for instance, in Europe. Where the ban on gasoline and diesel vehicles in EU Member States beginning in 2035 was established in June 2022.

Electric vehicles adoption

electric car

Many automakers have already begun their energy transition in order to comply with this law, such as Renault. It plans to have 100% electric vehicles by 2030, and Volkswagen, which wants to stop making thermal vehicles by 2035. Similar attempts have been taken by several luxury manufacturers, such as Porsche. It plans to have 80% of its fleet comprised of electric vehicles by 2030.

The Biden administration in the US has likewise promised that by 2030. Half of all new vehicles produced will be electric. Some states in the United States didn’t wait for this White House order before acting. California prohibited the sale of internal combustion vehicles in September 2020, with New York State following soon after.

It should be emphasized, however, that Washington has not yet taken any federally level restrictions on the use of electricity. Actually, the decision to implement this motorization is up to each State. Now, we’ve learned that a number of Wyoming senators have just introduced a bill. It would ban the sale of electric vehicles within their state’s borders by 2035.

Senator Jim Anderson, a Republican, said he submitted the resolution “to fight for restrictions on new sales of internal combustion engine cars in areas like California or New York,” according to the Cowboy State Daily.

The switch to electricity

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This resolution, titled “Phasing out sales of new electric vehicles by 2035,” was introduced this Friday, January 13. But has not yet been passed. It already has a sizable amount of support from members of the Wyoming Senate and the House of Representatives. The senators’ arguments for this piece of legislation include various elements. For the following grounds, they are committed against electric motorization:

Gizchina News of the week

  • Wyoming’s oil and gas industry has created countless jobs and brought revenue to the state of Wyoming throughout its history
  • Since its invention, the gasoline powered vehicle has enabled state industries and businesses. To trade and transport goods and resources more efficiently across the country
  • Wyoming’s vast stretches of freeways, coupled with a lack of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, make widespread use of electric vehicles impractical in the state

The effect of electric vehicles on a country whose main source of income is the exploitation of oil

fuel vehicles vs electric vehicles

The senators also draw attention to how challenging it is to recycle batteries for electric vehicles. In part because of the rare materials required in their production. However, as our friends from the InsideEVs website remind us. At least 90% of today’s electric vehicle batteries are made to be recycled. Additionally, this work is already being done by numerous companies in both the USA and Europe.

Last but not least, the lawmakers guarantee that the democratization of electric vehicles “would have detrimental impacts on the communities of Wyoming and undermine the economy” of the State. It is important to keep in mind that Wyoming is the eighth largest oil producer in the nation. Given this, it makes sense why these political figures have such serious reservations about electric motorization.

Be cautious though, as we can see from sections 1 and 2 of the law. This is only a symbolic action and not a true ban. In reality, the legislature does nothing more than “promote” businesses and state residents. To restrict the creation and purchase of electric vehicles. In other words, everything points to the fact that the goal of this measure was to inform the federal government. Particularly the White House, of the real worries about how a state with a heavily reliant economy on petroleum use might manage its ecological transition.

Key electric car stats and figures

  • The launch of the first electric car took place in 1890 by William Morrison in the US.
  • In 1996 General Motors launched the EV1, an EV with a range of 100 miles.
  • The interest in electric vehicles began to grow at the beginning of the 21st century.
  • In 2008 Tesla Motors released its first completely electric car – Roadster.
  • Since 2009 Tesla has made a total of 1.91 million electric vehicles.
  • In 2021 global electric vehicle sales reached over 6.5 million units.
  • 55% of all new car sales in Europe will be fully electrified by 2030.
  • Revenue in the Electric Vehicles market is to reach US$457.60bn in 2023.
  • Revenue to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2023-2027) of 17.02%, A market volume of US$858.00bn by 2027.
  • Electric Vehicles market unit sales to reach 16,206.9K vehicles in 2027.
  • The volume weighted average price of Electric Vehicles market in 2023 to amount to US$53.19k.
  • From an international perspective, the most revenue will be in China (US$190,400.00m in 2023).
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