ADO A20 Foldable ebike with 350W motor launching today for $769

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The popular eBike maker – ADO is launching a new foldable bike ADO A20 with several new advancements over the Himo Z20. It will come with an advanced 250W electric motor powered by a 10.4Ah battery. The ADO A20 eBike will offer three different modes and will have a maximum range of around 80 KM. It will start retailing at the introductory discount price of $769 via Banggood. But, a few weeks later the price will be back to $1199.99.

ADO A20 eBike Features

It is a value-for-money deal as the new ADO A20 comes with several new enhancements over its predecessor. The primary features of the ADO A20 are its 350W powerful motor, 10.4Ah high-quality battery, triple suspension system, and Quality Bike Frame. ADO new eBike can attain a maximum speed of 35 KM/h which is much better than the Himo Z20.

ADO A20 houses Shimano 7 Speed gears for proper utilization of the powerful electric motor. It comes with a fender and ships along with a phone holder, and air pump. It features a tire size of 20 inches x 1.95 inches. The shock is handled by a front fork and addle tube for comfortable riding. Surprisingly, there’s also a provision for phone charging.

In order to make the eBike smarter and efficient, the company has added a G-Drive frequency conversion control system. The golden differential gear design reduces the power loss and uplifts the overall riding experience. Braking is equally important as it houses a double disc-brake system consisting fast heat dissipation design.

Being an electric bike, ADO A20 features a high-efficient removable battery for flawless operations. It can be charged in two different methods – fast charging enables to charge it within 4-6 hours.

Aluminium Alloy material is used to carve the eBike frame which is 40% lighter than carbon steel. Its classic six-axis alloy design makes riding comfortable, offers better performance and stability while riding.

The eBike can be easily folded within 10 seconds.

ADO is well known for its after-sales service as it offers free replacement of unit while in warranty. However, the ADO A20 will come with 12 months warranty on key components. 5-year main frame warranty. Moreover, there are three after-sales centers in the UK, Germany, and Poland.

ADO A20 eBike Pricing

The interested users can grab the ADO A20 from Banggood at a discounted price of $769. The European customers can head over here for the dedicated store. For more information related to ADO A20 bike, the users can head over to the official website.



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