Adobe Firefly Can Now Seamlessly Expand Images

Back in May, Adobe integrated the Firefly family of AI models into the beta versions of Photoshop. Adobe Firefly generative AI lets users add, remove, or expand content based on the original images. And the most important part is that all its edits are non-destructive, and all it requires is one simple text prompt.

Well, it’s been a while since May. And in the meantime, Adobe has worked on the Firefly AI models to offer more upgrades. With the Adobe Firefly beta, you now get a new ” Generative Expand ” feature. As the name suggests, it’ll enable you to expand and resize the pictures, which works completely seamlessly.

How to Use the New Generative Expand of Adobe Firefly

It’s easy to resize images using the generative AI feature of Photoshop’s Firefly. First, you need to drag the Crop tool to expand the canvas. Then, click on the ‘Generate’ button in Photoshop’s contextual taskbar. That’s it! Photoshop will fill the blank space with AI-generated content that’ll blend seamlessly with your existing image.

This particular feature of Adobe Firefly can become very handy when you want to make an image get the required aspect ratio. In addition, it’ll make it easier to handle partially cut-off images and images with objects that do not have the right focus.

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FireFly Generative Expand

But that’s not all! The Generative Expand of Adobe Firefly will let you add content to any image. You can add a prompt to make the image look specifically how you want it to. Or you can leave the prompt box empty and let Photoshop analyze the image and fill it with the right content. Watch it in action from the video attached below.


Another great part about Firefly is that the prompt feature now accepts more than 100 languages. This is a great deal for creators around the world, as before, the AI text prompts only worked with languages like English.

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