Affordable Samsung Galaxy Foldables Are on Their Way!

Display has been flexing its capabilities with its futuristic-looking tech right after LG and TCL demonstrated their tri-folding tablets back in 2020. But until now, we did not have a Samsung Galaxy foldable device that can be called “budget-friendly.” Well, it seems that is about to change very soon!

From what a recent leak suggests, might be planning to trim its mid-range devices and introduce a new lineup of affordable smartphones. And interestingly, these budget-friendly phones include new foldable devices. Yes, you read that right; affordable Samsung Galaxy foldable devices!

Four New Galaxy Foldables Are Lined up for Post-2024

According to the leaker, RGCloudS, plans to split the Galaxy Z Flip and Z Fold lineup into two different segments. One of the foldable phone series will be standard, and one will feature Ultra devices.

So, does that mean that the new and affordable Galaxy foldable will be sub-par? Well, there will be some cost-cutting. But the display performance should not see much degradation. That is, the leak states that the standard phone Z fold will come with QHD screens from BOE. And BOE displays are not bad at all!

Galaxy Z Flip5

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Nonetheless, the Galaxy Z Fold Ultra will utilize a 4K screen, which will be directly from Samsung. And the story is basically the same for the Galaxy Z Flip Ultra, which will come with a QHD display. On the contrary, the regular Z Flip foldable device will boast an FHD screen from BOE.

In other words, the non-Ultra foldable might be the new “Galaxy A foldable” lineup, which leakers have been talking about for quite a while now.

Galaxy Z Fold 4

That said, although the affordable Galaxy foldable is pretty interesting, you should consider that all the information comes from a leak. So, take everything with grains of salt.

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