Algolaser Alpha 22W Lase Engraver : The Ultimate Cutting Monster

Laser engravers are already almost catching up in popularity with the 3D printers for home usage. After all these are pretty versatile machines, capable not only of precision engraving, but also precision cutting. And the modern models are already on semi-professional level with features and perks now accessible for everybody. So the rise of popularity quite makes sense tied to the better affordability as well. And the new Algolaser Alpha 22W model will try to set new standards for the more powerful devices for advanced users.

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Algolaser Alpha 22W Laser Engraver aspires to be the strongest 22W engraving machine, thanks to the advanced second-gen COS technology. Which brings 40% smaller spot size and therefore better precision and details. You can also enrich your artwork with 500+ shades of color, thanks to the oxidation of stainless steel materials during the engraving. The cutting ability is quite a standout for this model as well. In one pass you can cut through stuff like 30mm pinewood, 10mm black acrylic or 0.1mm stainless steel. And with multiple passes you get ability to even cut things like 12mm MDF or 20mm white oak.

Algolaser Alpha

Plenty of exciting features to discover

The new laser engraver also comes with significant upgrades to motherboard and firmware for better performance and speed. Dual-core CPU brings massive performance boost and expanded memory options (8MB RAM, 8MB storage, built-in 32GB SD card) are quite nice as well. Engraving speed is yet another nice suprise with up to 400mm/s, meaning 24000mm/min. AlgoLaser Plug & Play Smart Air pump will also help the performance immensely and you can directly control it through the software. But that’s really just the tip of the iceberg for the all specs available.

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And it can all get even better with some nice promo cherry on top. Because from August 14th 8:00 to September 14th 7:59 am UTC you can get the Algolaser Alpha 22W Laser Engraver only for $799. Top 10 orders will even get one year of LightBurn licence & one 400*400mm Honeycomb Panel worth $139.99 for free. And 11th-300th orders will at least get the 400x400mm Honeycomb Panel accessory worth $79.99. Available in EU/US warehouse options, so most of the world covered.

About the brand

Shenzhen Algo Technologies Co., Ltd. is an innovative tech company focusing on laser engraving machines for commercial use, founded by Justin Tan, a famous expert of the laser engraver industry. Dedicated to offer innovative laser engraving machine solutions for users, Justin established a powerful and professional team to continue his pioneering work in the industry.

Right now Algo has 2 sites located at Shenzhen and Changsha in China. Shenzhen serves as the research and development as well as production base, while they have a marketing center in Changsha. The company boasts an autonomous research and development team and production facility, alongside seasoned sales and marketing teams. They are focused on catering to users’ distinct needs while delivering excellent services. The objective is to enable small businesses and individuals to supplement their income with the help of their professional laser engraving machines.


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