Alleged Samsung Phone Catches Fire in the Middle of the Street

A shocking video shows a sling bag catching fire in the middle of the road in China. The person claims that the Samsung phone in his bag caught fire and caused injuries to his hair, arm, and eyelashes. He had bought the device in 2016, and it was not being charged when it burst into flames. He also claimed that he did not charge the phone battery.

South China Morning uploaded the video on its Twitter handle, It can be seen that a man is walking on a crowded street, and his bag catches dire. However, there is no way to verify that the Samsung phone was involved. It was only shown later in the video. In all likelihood, it is not the case of another battery debacle as the phone was already five years old.


Some are questioning the man as to why he was using such an old phone. Well, it is common for many of us to use our old phones as secondary devices. Another possibility is that the phone’s internal parts could have come in contact with flammable materials in the bag and caused the fire.

Few argued that there is no necessity to mention the brand as the phone was already five years old and must have a swollen battery. It is worth noting that swollen battery is a widespread issue on old smartphones. In some cases, people continue using phones with swollen battery ignoring the risk that comes with it.

Interestingly Samsung had recalled Galaxy Note 7 owing to several reports of overheating battery. As a last resort, Samsung had to ask the customers to switch off their Galaxy Note 7. We wonder whether this case was related to Samsung’s faulty batteries in 2016-2017. That being said, not much can be figured out until the burnt phone is investigated.

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