ALLPOWERS R600 Portable Power Station Review: Power Solution On-The-Go

The Breakdown

While there are some areas for improvement, such as the app’s user interface and the noise level during fast charging, the ALLPOWERS R600 remains a solid choice for outdoor enthusiasts and campers!

Value for Money


Battery Life


Are you tired of running out of power while on your outdoor adventures? Look no further than the ALLPOWERS R600 Power Station. This mid-sized portable power station offers a range of features and capabilities that make it an ideal choice for anyone in need of reliable power on the go. The ALLPOWERS R600 Power Station focuses on portability above all. Measuring just 7.6 x 7.5 x 11.2 inches and weighing 16.13 pounds, it’s easy to take this power station with you wherever you go. Whether you’re camping, hiking, or simply out for a day trip, the compact size of the R600 ensures that it won’t take up much space in your backpack or car.


The build quality of the R600 is also impressive. With physical buttons instead of a touchscreen interface, this power station is durable and easy to use even in challenging outdoor conditions. The rugged construction ensures that it can withstand the rigors of your adventures, providing you with reliable power when you need it most.

Here are the key specifications of the ALLPOWERS R600 Power Station:

  • | Capacity | 299Wh |
  • | Battery Type | LiFePO4 (3500+ Cycles up to 80%) |
  • | AC Input | 400W max. |
  • | Solar Input | 300W max. |
  • | Cigarette lighter Input | 200W max. |
  • | AC-Output | 2 * 600W Rated, 1200W Surge |
  • | USB-C Output | 2 * 100W max. |
  • | USB-A Output | 2 * 18W max. |
  • | DC-Output | 2 * 120W max. |
  • | Cigarette Output Port | 1 * 120W max. |
  • | Wireless Charging | 1 * 15W max. |
  • | LED Lighting | Light mode / SOS mode |
  • | App Control & Monitoring | Bluetooth Connectivity |
  • | UPS Power Supply | Within 10ms |
  • | Weight | 16.13 pounds |
  • | Size | 7.6 x 7.5 x 11.2 inches |

Power and Charging Capabilities: Versatile and Efficient

One of the standout features of the ALLPOWERS R600 Power Station is its impressive power and charging capabilities. With a 600W inverter (1,200W surge) and a 299Wh capacity, this power station can handle a wide range of devices and appliances. ALLPOWERS R600

The R600 offers multiple charging options to suit your needs. You can fully recharge it from 0 to 100% in just 1 hour using an AC wall outlet, thanks to its onboard charger with fast charging technology. If you prefer to go off-grid, the R600 also supports fast solar charging, allowing you to recharge the power station in as little as 1.5 hours with a 300W solar input (sunlight depending). ALLPOWERS R600

Battery Life and Longevity: Reliable and Durable

When it comes to battery life and longevity, the ALLPOWERS R600 Power Station excels. It is equipped with a LiFePO4 battery, a newer and more advanced battery technology that offers several advantages over traditional lithium-ion batteries. ALLPOWERS R600

The LiFePO4 battery can be used and recharged over 3500+ times before reaching 80% of its original capacity, providing approximately 10 years of regular use. This impressive longevity ensures that the R600 remains a reliable power source over an extended period.

In terms of charging options, the R600 offers versatility. It can be fully recharged from 0 to 100% in just 1 hour using an AC wall outlet, thanks to the onboard charger and its maximum fast charging output of 400W. Additionally, the R600 supports fast solar charging, allowing you to recharge the power station in as little as 1.5 hours with a 300W solar input.

App Control and Monitoring: Convenient and Intuitive

The ALLPOWERS R600 Power Station comes with a user-friendly app. It allows you to monitor and control the power station wirelessly. The app is available through Bluetooth connectivity. It provides a convenient way to check the status of your power station and adjust settings without needing to be right next to it.

With the app, you can monitor battery levels, track device power draw, and access advanced features. While the inclusion of the app is appreciated, there are some areas for improvement. The layout and information reporting within the app can be more user-friendly. For example, the estimated remaining time for charging can be inaccurate and confusing. Additionally, the app prompts users to sign up with a personally-linked account, even though the power station is limited to Bluetooth connections only.

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Versatility and Compatibility: Power for All Your Devices

The ALLPOWERS R600 Power Station is a versatile power solution that can charge a wide range of devices simultaneously. It features 2 AC outlets (110V 600W, 1200W Peak), 2 USB-C ports, 2 USB-A ports, and 2 DC output ports. Thus providing you with ample options for charging your devices. ALLPOWERS R600

Whether you need to power a kettle, a laptop, a car refrigerator, or even a drone, the R600 has you covered. Its 600W AC pure sine wave inverter ensures that it can handle even the most sensitive electronics, providing clean and reliable power wherever you are.

UPS Power Supply: Backup Power When You Need It

In addition to its primary power capabilities, the ALLPOWERS R600 Power Station also offers a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) mode. In the event of a power outage, the R600 can provide backup power to keep your essential devices and appliances running.

The UPS mode is particularly useful during poor weather conditions or emergency situations. That’s when you need to ensure that certain devices stay online. With the R600, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have a reliable backup power source.

Recharging Options: Flexible and Convenient

The ALLPOWERS R600 Power Station offers multiple recharging options, allowing you to stay powered up no matter where you are. In addition to recharging from an AC wall outlet, you can also recharge it using solar panels or a car cigarette lighter. ALLPOWERS R600

When using an AC wall outlet, the R600 can be fully recharged in just 1 hour. Solar charging is also a viable option, with the R600 supporting fast solar charging. This means that it can recharge the power station in 1.5 hours with a 300W solar input (sunlight depending).

Sustainability and Energy Efficiency: A Greener Choice

The ALLPOWERS R600 Power Station is designed with sustainability and energy efficiency in mind. Compared to traditional generators, the R600 is more energy-efficient, helping to reduce carbon emissions and minimize the environmental impact. With its lightweight design and energy-efficient operation, the R600 allows you to enjoy your outdoor adventures.

ALLPOWERS R600 review: Conclusion

The ALLPOWERS R600 Power Station is a compact and reliable portable power solution. It offers a range of features and capabilities to meet your power needs on the go. With its 600W inverter, 299Wh capacity, and multiple charging options, the R600 can handle a variety of devices and appliances. Providing you with peace of mind and convenience.

The LiFePO4 battery ensures long-lasting performance, and the built-in BMS protects the battery and ensures its longevity. The app control and monitoring feature adds convenience and flexibility. Allowing you to stay connected to your power station at all times. For a complete power solution, consider pairing the ALLPOWERS R600 Power Station with the ALLPOWERS SP027 Solar Panel for efficient and eco-friendly charging.

ALLPOWERS 100W Solar Panel Specification

 Peak Power 100W
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 22.4V
Short Circuit Current (IOC) 6.0A
Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp) 18V
Maximum Power Current (Imp) 5.4A
STC Irradiance 1000W/m² TC=25℃, AM=1.5
Unfolded Size 1220×650×10mm/48×25.6×0.4inch
Folded Size 510×650×30mm/20×25.6×1.2inch
Net Weight 3.6kg/7.9lb

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