Amazon’s Create With Alexa Allows Kids To Make Animated Stories Based On Text

AI is changing the world. For instance, it allows people to generate images just telling only a few words. Some tools of this type appeared on social media earlier this year. Amazon has its tool, which is different from what we know. Create with Alexa allows kids to make animated stories using a few kid-friendly prompts.

What is Create with Alexa?

Create with Alexa, and tools like this are called visual storytelling tools. At the moment, Amazon’s software is available on Echo Show devices. Plus, it will operate only when the device is in Amazon Kids mode.

Children might start creating their stories with the words, “Alexa, make a story.” There would be a few prompts. Based on them, the AI will generate an animated story adding various sound effects and music.

As you guess, Create with Alexa doesn’t not offer too many features at the moment. There are only three themes available: “space exploration”, “underwater,” and “enchanted forest.” Children should select one. Then they should choose the story’s hero. The system is not mature yet. So kids can only select one from the available options. Then, they must pick a color, a tonal description, etc. Once done, the animated stories can be saved to watch later.

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Amazon proves that all stories will be unique. Even if the same user chooses the same options in the same order, the AI will make different stories.

Amazon is very sensitive to content. It proves that AI will generate only kid-friendly content. Plus, parents must enable it because the software is turned off by default.

What’s funny, Create with Alexa appears on the market at the same time that Amazon lays off 10,000 workers. Among them, thousands were from the Devices & Services division, which handles Echo Show and Alexa. A month earlier, Amazon closed Glow, its kid-focused video-calling device.

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