Android 12 is Live, OTA Rolling Out to Pixel Phones

If the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro excitement wasn’t enough for you this morning, just released Android 12. No longer in beta, this is 12’s final form, complete with all of the Material You goodness we’ve been watching trickle out over the course of this year.

The update is available to Pixel devices to start, all the way back to the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. If you own a Pixel device, the OTA update should be hitting your device right about now.

Here’s a taste of what’s new in 12.

What’s New in 12?

  • Material You: 12 brings an entirely new feel to Android, with deep device customization and new looks for apps and the device UI. When you change your wallpaper, the entire Android 12 experience changes to match its colors, thanks to “advanced color extraction algorithms.” This new dynamic color experience is available on Pixel first and will be coming to more device makers and phones soon.
  • Widgets: Widgets are back in a big way, with revamping the appearance of many of them. They play a big part in the Material You push, so be sure to check them out.
  • Visibility: pushes visibility in 12, too. For example, a new window magnifier lets a user zoom in on a part of the screen while preserving the rest of the screen context. Additionally, the new “extra dim” screen lighting toggle allows you to really crank down your display’s brightness when needed.
  • Privacy and Privacy Dashboard: When apps are using your microphone or camera, a new light will appear in the corner of your device, letting you know when those things are being used. If you don’t want any apps to access your microphone or camera, you can completely disable the sensors using two new toggles in Quick Settings. For the new Privacy Dashboard, it gives you an overview of when apps access your location, camera or mic over the past 24 hours. If you see anything you don’t like, you can manage permissions right from the dashboard.
  • Location:   12 allows you to choose between giving apps access to your precise location or an approximate location instead.
  • Bluetooth Permissions: New Bluetooth permissions in Android 12 allow companion apps to connect to devices like watches or headphones without needing to access your location information.

We have plenty of posts detailing everything that’s been added to Android 12 over the course of the beta. We suggest you check it out.

Enjoy, Pixel owners! Everyone else, continue to be patient.


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