Android 13 Leaked Build Reveals New Audio Codec Support Enhanced Notification Customizability

Android 13

12 is slowly rolling out to more smartphones and the Android 12L beta for foldable phones has gone live ahead of its launch planned in 2022. Now, has focused its efforts on the next update 13. Two recent leaks about the OS reveal a few key changes that are in the pipeline.

Leaker Mishaal Rahman tweeted that 13 will support the Bluetooth LE Audio codec that first debuted in September. It is said to offer high-quality audio on low-powered devices using the Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) protocol. The new codec will be given the highest preference among other A2DP source codecs.

13 may be the first release to add full support for Bluetooth LE Audio.
recently merged an LC3 (the LE Audio codec) encoder and is adding the codec as an option in settings. It’ll be the highest priority A2DP source codec.

Besides this, XDA-Developers reports that 13 may include new runtime permission for notifications so users can choose to allow or disallow notifications from each app just like how they allow and disallow access to location, storage, and phone when setting up a newly-installed app. Another app-specific feature is called “Panlingual.” It lets you set the preferred language for each app individually, instead of using one system-wide language setting.

Android 13 leak

The leaked 13 build also revealed a new feature called The Android Resource Economy (TARE) that optimizes battery consumption. It employs a “credits and payments” system where apps “earn” credits for their battery consumption efficiency and can “pay” to perform tasks using those credits. The build also offers a new way to customize the lock screen layout by changing how the clock appears with and without notifications.

13 is nicknamed “Tiramisu” and besides the ones mentioned above, the update will surely pack several other feature updates as developments continue. For now, what do you think of the features we mentioned? Will they come in handy?

[Via XDA-Developers]


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