Android 14 Beta Gets First Mention From Google

There’s a good chance that 13 is still so fresh on your Pixel phone that you still haven’t decided if it’s good, bad, or what the new features. I’m here to tell you that it’s time to move on and start thinking about Android 14. Not because I want to, but because is already talking about it. Sorry, folks.

On the Beta Program landing page, updated much of the text to reflect the fact that 13 has gone stable and that the program will continue on into September with a new Android 13 Quarterly Platform Release (QPR) update. We’ve talked about this next update in depth here.

Where the updates to this change become interesting is in the FAQ section, where we get an official mention of 14 and when we might see it. answers a question of “How long does each beta program last?” by saying that “ 13 QPR beta updates continue through March 2023 followed by Android 14 beta releases.” In other words, following a potentially final Android 13 QPR release in March 2023, we should be on to April 14 beta builds.

Now, this timing matches up to Android 13 betas from earlier in the year, in case you were wondering. The first Android 13 Developer Preview builds showed up in February and March before the first Android 13 beta in April. All is telling us is that they plan to releasee Android 14 beta builds after March 2023, likely matching the Android 13 beta program.

Android 14!

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