Android 15 is ‘Vanilla Ice Cream’ and That Makes Me Happy

It’s only March 3 and we’re only just now getting familiar with early builds of 14, codenamed Upside Down Cake. However, thanks to eagle eyed-folk such as Mishaal Rahman, we can now confirm that next year’s 15 will be codenamed Vanilla Ice Cream.

This information is straight from ’s own code, with the company’s engineers apparently already hard at work on what’s to come in the future. When I go digging through that source code, I might as well be looking at an alien language, so I can’t speak to what they may be working on, but I’m sure whatever it is, it’s great.

Why Is This Awesome?

In the world, we have something called Vanilla Android. Vanilla is a tasty word used to replace “stock Android,” which I wouldn’t say sounds boring, but it means it’s the most basic build of the OS with no custom skin or UI tweaks from manufacturers. The fact that we will get an version called Vanilla feels like an easter egg in and of itself, which is nice. It reminds us of the good ol’ days.

Vanilla Ice Cream. 2024. Let’s go!

// @MishaalRahman


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