Android Auto Gets a Big UI Refresh

The UI inside your car on that big ol’ screen is incredibly important. You might have a ton of activities in progress on it at any given time, but some stuff is more important than others and needs to be seen. The software running on that screen should also be able to adapt depending on the car or screen, and that’s what announced for Auto this week.

This summer, will launch a new Auto UI that is scalable and with a multitasking-oriented experience. They want Assistant to be a more important part of the experience too.

The new Auto UI will feature a split screen mode that lets you keep activities in place, so that you can do things like access your list of apps without exiting to the home screen. You can use navigation and media that are always on, to help keep you from missing a turn. And Assistant is going to offer alerts, contextual suggestions, help you return missed calls, share arrival times, and reply to messages with single-tap suggestions.

Here’s a look at the new UI:

[embedded content]

Pretty sweet, right? Look for it to launch this summer.


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