Android Auto Gets Lyft Driver Integration, YouTube for Parked Vehicles

Google announced a suite of new things for Auto and Automotive this week at CES. All of the following features will hit supported infotainment systems later this year.

What’s New in Auto

This summer, Lyft is integrating its app directly into Auto for drivers. This integration will allow drivers to view and accept rides right from their car’s infotainment system. That means no more secondary device, which should make for a much cleaner Lyft driving experience. Google says that with access to points of interest apps like MochiMochi, Fuelio, and Pezzi Bezzina, “you can explore more of the world, find and pay for all types of car services, and track your mileage and costs.”

For fans of the wireless Auto experience, but without a compatible head unit, in the coming weeks the new MA1 wireless adapter will allow for units to support wireless Auto. We’ll be sure to get specific availability and pricing for that ASAP.

What’s New in Automotive

For Automotive, Google details that starting this spring, users will be able to check on and adjust additional car settings simply by asking Google. For example, you’d be able to activate features like lane keeping assist or checking when you’re due for your next service appointment.

Later this year, select Volvo vehicles will be the first to access video entertainment services like YouTube, so long as the car is in Park.

New apps will be supported in the coming weeks, too. Google says that users will be able to have navigation apps Sygic and Flitsmeister, charging apps ChargePoint and PlugShare, as well as parking apps such as SpotHero and ParkWhiz downloaded directly to their vehicles.

Additional New Things

  • Digital car key: Later this year, phones with Ultra Wideband (UWB) technology will allow you to unlock your car without taking your phone out at all, as well as securely and remotely share your digital car key to trusted friends and family.
  • Remote actions: This spring, Google’s launching a new program with car manufacturers to support remote actions, allowing for direct integration with the Google Home ecosystem. With remote actions, you can utilize Google Assistant to warm up or cool down your car, lock and unlock it, and check on the status of things like your battery charge from the comfort of your home. These capabilities are coming first to select Volvo vehicles, with more to follow.

Lots to look forward to in the Auto and Android Automotive world!

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