Android Isn’t Perfect: What Would You Change?

I have used an device exclusively since at least 2009. I feel as though I know Android pretty well, both what it does well and its shortcomings. With that being said, I can tell you that ’s mobile OS is certainly not perfect and there are some things I’d change. For example, that hesitation when rotating my phone between landscape and portrait? You know what I’m talking about. I believe that issue stems from a patent that holds concerning the gyroscope and the way it’s integrated with the OS (I could be wrong here), but still, the first iPhone rotated like butter and phones in 2021 still don’t do it all that smoothly in my opinion.

My question to everyone here is, assuming you’re all pretty familiar with the experience as a whole: What would you change about Android?

I asked Kellen to fill me in on his thoughts. He responded with some sort of home screen API that allows for easier switching and set up of new phones, though, has made great strides in this as of late. He also mentioned an improved native AirDrop-like function for Android, as well as a centralized messaging experience similar to what users have in iMessage. I vote for all of these things, too.

Sound off in the comments below. What would you change about Android?


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