Android TV copies one of the features presented at Apple’s WWDC

Last Monday, made an announcement at their WWDC that caught the attention of many. We are talking about the addition of FaceTime to tvOS 17 and Apple TV 4K. Just three days later, it seems that is following in their footsteps. As they have made an announcement that is very similar and equally interesting.

Google's TV 14 Embraces Communication: Introducing Phone Call Support and More

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According to Mishaal Rahman, the first beta version of Google's next entertainment operating system, Android TV 14, has support for phone calls, just like Apple's recent announcement at WWDC 2023. This means that if you have a TV that is compatible with Google‘s operating system, you will soon be able to receive calls on your TV.

Rahman, who was the first to report that the first beta of Android TV 14 will include notifications about calls, explains that users will only see these notifications when they log into their profile. Additionally, users will be able to answer these calls from an application that is compatible with this feature.

Aside from phone call support, the beta of Android TV 14 also comes with other new features that improve its functionality. Such as HDR controls, power management functions, and better management of audio devices. Rahman confirms these features in a Twitter thread. Explaining that the operating system has an image quality configuration that allows users to access specific HDR or SDR formats.

Furthermore, the new system has a power mode that can be adjusted to low, moderate, high or without restrictions. This enables users to progressively restrict network functions. Android TV 14 also shows available headphones and Bluetooth audio devices.

All in all, this new operating system brings several new features. But the most interesting one is undoubtedly the possibility of getting calls on your TV. If everything goes smoothly, soon you will be able to answer your phone calls. Without ever having to leave your couch.

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