Anker announces it has become the world’s number 1 charging brand

Anker today announced that it has become the world’s number one digital charging brand. The company quoted retail sales stats from Euromonitor International, the world’s authoritative market research organization for the same.

Anker was established 10 years ago and came up with the game-changing PowerIQ technology back in 2013. PowerIQ works by instantly identifying your device, effectively eliminating the need to install any additional software for it to work. The tech is used in Anker’s USB wall chargers, car chargers, and even power banks, all of which are programmed to charge your device as quickly and possible without compromising on security.

anker number one brand certificate

In 2015, Anker launched an enhanced version of its charging cables, capable of withstanding 5,000 bends. This was followed by the company launching GaN or Gallium Nitride chargers in 2018.

According to an official statement, Anker has kept the “#1 Best Seller” title on Amazon-based platforms since 2012. It ranks second in terms of sales in the US, dwarfed only by ’s ranking. In Japan, Anker ranks second in the consumer electronics category. And in China, the Anker Nano, launched in October 2020 helped make the company the third-party brand with the largest share of chargers listed on Tmall and

anker charger

The Anker Nano series comes in a standard 20W charger, as well as a combo version that’s paired with the One Piece power bank. There are even customized versions of GaN charging heads for League of Legends Yasuo and Jinx.



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