Apple 2021 iPad Pro is the most expensive in Brazil, while being the cheapest in US and Hong Kong

Earlier this week, Apple held its Spring Loaded event where it launched its latest fifth generation iPad Pro. While the rumor of the 12.9 inch model seeing a slight rise turned out to be true, the hike in price is way higher in certain nations compared to others.

As per a 9To5Mac report, Nukeni compiled a list of prices for the newly launched 2021 iPad Pro model that is available in various nation across the globe. Looking at this list, it is clear that the iPad Pro is the most affordable in the United States and Hong Kong. Meanwhile, Sweden and Brazil have the most expensive price tag compared to every other market. In Brazil, the iPad costs nearly about two times more than a model sold in the US.

For the 11 inch Wi-Fi only model with 128GB of storage, the Cupertino based giant’s latest iPad Pro costs 799 US Dollars in the US, 824 US Dollars in Hong Kong, 1,122 US Dollars in Sweden, and a whopping 1,938 US Dollars in Brazil. The price tag in Brazil is more than 1,000 US Dollars more than the price in the US. Arriving at the 12.9 inch iPad Pro modele with Wi-Fi + Cellular support and 2TB storage, the price in the US is 2,399 US Dollars and 2,408 US Dollars in Hong Kong.

iPad Pro 2021

On the other hand, the same model in Sweden costs around 3,309 US Dollars and an eye watering 5,386 US Dollars in Brazil. In other words, the highest end 2021 iPad Pro in Brazil can cost a little more than a Pro Display XDR in the US. Traditionally, the cost of products in South American nations have been higher compared to the US, but this difference is growing even further now.




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