Apple adds serial numbers to parts: Third-party parts may not work correctly

Forbes reports that if iPad Pro users opt not to replace a broken screen through official certification channels, subsequent Pencil interaction will no longer work. A repair expert claims that Apple is now using software restrictions for its product parts. The Apple serial number makes the parts “tied” to the device according to the expert. This makes third-party repairs more difficult and increases repair costs for users. Apple is increasing the “serialization” program to ensure the matching of replacement product parts.

Apple Serial OLED panels for iPad Pro

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For example, if the user wants to replace the battery of the iPhone 14, each battery comes with a unique serial number. Apple will use special software to synchronize the battery serial number. With this, Apple will be able to detect third-party batteries. According to Forbes, once Apple detects a third-party battery, it will disable battery health metering. 

Experts confirms Apple serial numbers

Repair expert Ricky Panesar, founder of the website, said Apple has now extended the “serialization” scheme to the fifth- and sixth-gen 12.9-inch iPad Pro, as well as the fourth-generation iPad Pro. In fact, the company is doing the same thing with the 3rd and 4th gen 11-inch iPads. 

Panesa, a repair expert tried to replace the screen of an iPad with the screen of another iPad. However, the Apple Pencil did not work as expected and only produced a straight line. According to him, the screen contains a memory chip that is specifically programmed. This ensures that the Apple Pencil work well only when connected to the original logic board. As a result, third-party repair shops that use different Apple devices will need to purchase replacement parts directly from Apple.

This means that for certain parts like the screen and battery, you must make the purchase directly from Apple. Users no longer have the option of cheaper third-party parts because they will not have Apple's serial number. Without this number, the output of the part will not be complete.

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