Apple AirPods, Apple 29W Charger Translucent Prototype Images Spotted

A popular device collector has posted images of a prototype of Apple AirPods, as well as an Apple 29W Charger. The Cupertino-based tech behemoth is still mum on its plan to launch transparent AirPods. However, a report from 9To5 suggests that Apple is highly unlikely to release AirPods with a translucent design. However, the translucent design gives us a glimpse of the AirPods’ internal mechanism.

It is worth mentioning here that translucent cases are usually used for product prototyping. This transparent design enables engineers to get a clearer view of the product. The AirPods and AirPods Pro currently come only in white color options. Interestingly, the company has been paying no heed to requests for releasing its truly wireless earbuds in other color options. However, the -owned Beats brand offer earbuds, such as the Beats Fit Pro, in multiple color options. Also, the Nothing ear (1) are the only translucent earbuds currently available in the market.

AirPods & Apple 29W Charger Translucent Prototypes

Noted device collector Giulio Zompetti took to his Twitter account on Tuesday to share images of transparent prototypes of two Apple devices. These include Apple AirPods, as well as Apple 29W Charger (Power Adapter). It is unclear whether the Apple AirPods shown in the image are first-generation or second-generation. However, the images show that the earbuds are housed in a transparent plastic case. Even the stem part is transparent.

This gives us a clearer glimpse of the TWS earbuds. As mentioned, it is probably an engineering prototype that will be used for internal testing. Last month, Giulio Zompetti tweeted some pictures of a prototype of an 29W charger in a translucent casing. For the uninitiated, the 12-inch MacBook originally came with a 29W power adapter, but Apple discontinued it and introduced a 30W adapter.

Previously Surfaced Prototype Devices

The word on the street is that is still working on a multi-device charger for its products. The report suggests that the multi-device charger will adopt short and long-distance wireless charging tech. Apple’s future vision involves making its products capable of charging each other. Avid Apple product collector, Zompetti previously shared photos of the Apple Watch Series 3 prototype that had extra connectors. Aside from that, he has previously posted images of an original iPad that had two 30-pin ports.

Aside from that, Zompetti has shared an iPhone 12 Pro prototype, a working AirPower prototype, original Watch prototypes, and a Gen 3 iPod Touch with a rear camera. The AirPower prototype has still not arrived in the market. Likewise, Apple is not likely to launch transparent AirPods in the market. Moreover, there is no reason for Apple to stop offering AirPods in a sole white color option. Currently, only the Nothing Ear (1) true wireless earphones are available with a transparent design. Even the charging case of the earbuds is transparent.

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