Apple Ajax: Apple’s Latest Bid in the AI Race

After Open AI introduced ChatGPT, most major companies started to develop their own GPT model to compete with it. For example, immediately after its public launch, brought out Bard. We even heard the news about 's development of its own ChatGPT alternative. And now, Ajax is slowly making its way to being officially introduced.

But what exactly is Apple Ajax? At the core, it is basically an Apple framework capable of creating large language models (LLM). In addition to LLMs, this framework can offer chat service, which Apple's internal engineers call Apple GPT. And with it, Apple's bid to compete in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) space gains momentum.

All That We Know About Apple Ajax

If you are unaware, large language models are exactly what powers the generative artificial intelligence chatbots. ChatGPT and Google Bard are both based on LLMs. has also launched Bing Chat, which utilizes the AI powers of ChatGPT. And with Apple Ajax, the iPhone giant is here to compete in the AI race.

Even though Apple Ajax is late to the party, the timing seems on point. Wondering why? Meta has launched its second generation of large language models. It's called Llama 2, and Meta is offering it for free for commercial use. Qualcomm, for example, is working with Meta to make Llama 2 AI implementations available for phones and PCs.

Facebook LLaMA

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With the partnership with Qualcomm, we will see mobile phones and other consumer-grade devices coming with Llama 2 integration starting next year. Apple iPhones will be in a tough spot against the competition without something similar. So, even though Apple was not that interested in chatbots initially, it needed to come up with something to make iPhones competitive.

Apple VirnetX

That said, information about Apple Ajax is pretty limited at the moment. But as the framework's name is already out, we expect to see more reports about it soon. Stay tuned as we are going to cover it all.

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