Apple AR/VR Headset Will Let You Experience Reality Like Never Before – Prepare To Be Blown Away!

Truth be told, tech enthusiasts were very skeptical about the upcoming AR/VR headset. And there are some good reasons behind it. Firstly, the mixed reality headset is rumored to cost a staggering $3000. Secondly, previous leaks have hinted that it might offer a lackluster performance compared to the competing products from Meta and Sony.

However, the view regarding the device changed after a well-known leaker shared details. The tipster, Evan Blass, has previously provided accurate info regarding Apple's plans. So, it's not like he has not been in the loop. Nonetheless, now, the leaker is claiming to know a person who was lucky enough to “demo” the upcoming Apple AR/VR headset. And he has shared some exciting news about the upcoming mixed-reality headset.

Apple AR/VR Headset Made A Giant Development Leap!

Blass stated that the Apple AR/VR headset tester went from “lamenting its ‘underwhelming' capabilities” to being completely “blown away” by the experience. Moreover, Blass indicates that the hardware of the mixed reality device has seen a massive leap, especially when compared to the progress of late last year.

To be exact, the Apple AR/VR tester said, “I was so skeptical; now I'm blown away in a ‘take my money kind of way.” Blass shared these statements on his Twitter account, which, unfortunately, is private. And if you have been following the progress of the mixed reality headset, you might have been expecting it.

After all, Apple has been working with the AR/VR headset for years now. And the Cupertino giant has pushed back the launch multiple times, aiming to solve the development issues that were present with the mixed reality device. In addition, Apple has also reportedly addressed the design and software flaws of the initial prototype.

Apple Mixed Reality Headset

On the other hand, if you did not expect to see a massive development leap, you are not the only one. Back in March this year, The New York Times reported that multiple Apple employees were skeptical about the success of the upcoming AR/VR headset.

In fact, the employees were questioning whether the headset is “driven by the same clarity” as other Apple products. Also, they were confused about whether the mixed reality headset is a “solution in search of a problem.”

But again, you can't forget what Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, said in April. That is, there has always been a ton of skeptics regarding everything Apple has done in the past. Tim Cook further stated that it's just part and parcel of doing “something that's on edge.”

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What To Expect From Apple's Mixed Reality Headset

Regarding early functionality, the upcoming Apple AR/VR headset is shaping up to be something similar to Apple Watch. Yes, it will be expensive at launch, and the device will be highly limited when it comes to usefulness. But Apple has big plans to iterate on the mixed reality headset throughout time. In fact, Apple is already working on new models.

Apple AV/VR headset

If you take a closer look, Apple has already made notable strides with the Apple Watch when it comes to technical capabilities. And after just a few generations, it has become an everyday item for many.

Likewise, the Apple AR/VR headset is going to be the first new product category since the launch of the Apple Watch. So the device is bound to have limitations. But that does not mean it does not have the potential to be something big.

Highlighted Features of Apple AR/VR Headset

If you are wondering, the first iteration of the mixed-reality headset is expected to go by “Reality One” or “Reality Pro.” And according to previous leaks, the AR/VR headset will boast dual 4K micro OLED displays that are from Sony. So, it will eventually offer a total of 8K resolution.

In addition, there will be dozen of cameras on the Apple AR/VR headset. Those will map your surrounding area, interpret gestures, read facial expressions, and more. And when it comes to the build, it is said to feature a curved visor. It will boast a sleek design and will be made from carbon fiber, aluminum, and glass.

Apple AR/VR headset

As you can guess from the choice of materials, Apple aims to keep the weight low. To be exact, Apple will not even integrate a battery inside the AR/VR headset. Instead, the battery is said to be worn at the waist level instead. That will further make the mixed reality headset easy and comfortable to wear.

Along with that, Apple is currently working on updating its apps for the upcoming AR/VR headset. And according to the rumors say, Apple will primarily focus on collaboration and communication features on those apps. Sports, television, health and fitness, and are said to be on the list of priorities too. So, it is not like the device will be completely useless at launch.

Want to learn more about the features of the soon-to-be-released Apple AR/VR? More info can be found in this post that offers a roundup of the rumored features.

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