Apple iPad Mini featuring 120Hz ProMotion display reportedly in works

A couple of months ago, finally launched its new iPad Mini with an 8.3-inch display but soon after its release, some users started complaining about the “jelly scrolling” issue in which the right side of the screen runs faster than the left side in portrait mode.

In response, said that this is normal for LCD display as such screens refresh line-by-line. But now it seems that the technology giant is working on a new variant of the iPad Mini 6 that could solve the “jelly scrolling” issue on the device.

As per the report coming from @FronTron, is considering launching a refreshed iPad Mini with a 120Hz ProMotion display instead of the current 60Hz screen. This is the same display that Apple is using on the iPad Pro models since 2017 and this year’s iPhone 13 Pro models also come with a ProMotion display.

It comes with a variable refresh rate where it drops to 10Hz when the content on the screen doesn’t need a high refresh rate. This means that the system automatically detects the activities and what refresh rate to apply, helping the device save battery life.

If the reports are to be believed, then is currently testing an 8.3-inch panel that is manufactured by Samsung. Do note that this is just a rumor at this point in time and there’s no confirmation that Apple will actually launch a refreshed version of the iPad Mini 6, so take this with a pinch of salt.




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