Apple iPhone production to rise by 12.3% in 2021, company shifts focus from Mini models: Report

Apple will apparently witness a rise in sales for its iPhones in this year. A new report has revealed that the company will raise its iPhone production by 12.3 percent year on year in 2021.

According to a TrendForce report, the Cupertino based giant will benefit from the market’s recovery post the coronavirus pandemic. The company’s iPhone production is expected to reach 223 million units in this year, marking a 12.3 percent growth over last year. TrendForce added that there is still a room for “slight growth going forward.” Notably, the report arrives despite the ongoing global chip shortage, so it might affect the iPhone maker’s attempts to raise production.

Furthermore, the brand’s iPhone 13 is also expected to benefit from the ProMotion support, which will be a feature in the Pro models. Although, is expected to focus less on the “mini” models of its iPhone lineup. This is likely due to the lower than expected market performance of the iPhone 12 mini that was launched back in 2020. The report also added that the company will also benefit from ‘s decision to pull away from the high end smartphone market slightly.


Interestingly, the report believes that the 2021 series of iPhone will be called the iPhone 12s rather than the iPhone 13 and that the brand would focus more on the physical appearance and pricing of the devices. The research based firm believes that “the degree of innovation is not particularly significant in terms of appearance.” Reportedly, the new iPhones will be an “extension” to the existing iPhone 12 range as a “proactive pricing strategy.”




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