Apple iPhone sales surged high in the month of April in China

The sales of smartphones tanked in China, the world’s largest smartphone market, thanks to COVID-19 pandemic. But it has begun to improve from the month of March. A new report by CNBC suggests Apple iPhone sales surged high in April than three months before it.

The coronavirus led lockdowns across China affected all the business in the region just like any other country. But since China started recovering in March, the smartphone sales in the country has drastically improved by April.

According to the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology Institute, the country witnessed a total of 40.782 million units of smartphone shipments in April.

 Another report by CINNO Research says Apple alone sold 3.9 million iPhones (160% MoM) in April. Out of those, 24% were iPhone SE 2020 although it was only available from later last month. For comparison, the company sold only 1.9 million units of iPhones in March. 

Sales of iPhones in China plunged 60% YoY in February. Apple had to shut down its stores abiding the lockdown rules. But all of its stores were soon re-opened by mid-March, which helped in boosting the sales.

Apple is yet to go through a rough path as demand for 5G smartphones is rising in China and the company has none to offer. iPhone sales are expected to grow in the country only after the launch of the rumored 5G iPhones 12 series.



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